If you have bought an apartment in Barcelona but you are not planning to use it in the near future do not lose the opportunity to return your investment. Barcelona is a popular touristic destination. Take advantage of it renting your flat out.

There are three basic types of rental: short term or vacational rental, midterm or season rental and long term rental.

Mid term vs Long term rental

For a short term rental a special licence is required. Barcelona city authorities have stopped emitting new licences as they consider that there are too many touristic apartments in Barcelona. Thus if your apartment has no such a licence it will be impossible to get it nowadays. In this case your options are mid- or long term rental. Each of them has its peculiarities. We have described this two types of renting in the table below:


Midterm rental Long term rental


Duration: 32 days – 11 months
Medium monthly rental per sqm: 16,5€
Furniture: preferably furnished
Paperwork: no need to register the contract and pay ITP.
Custody of security deposit: owner

Duration: 12 months with a possibility of prolongation
Medium monthly rental per sqm: 15€
Furniture: not necessary
Paperwork: the contract is to be registered at INCASOL, ITP tax is to be payed.
Custody of security deposit: 50% owner/50% INCASOL


• Higher rent compared to the long-term rental
• Since the target tenants are foreigners who come to stay not for a long time, risks of eviction necessity are minimized
• Since the total amount of the security deposit is kept by the owner, the risks of not covering damages are ensured

• Stable rent during a long term period, lower profitability is compensated by no downtime and no need to buy furniture
• A long term tenant is interested in the preservation of finishes and equipment
• A tenant with a long-term contract could be an advantage in case of selling the apartment


• Due to a high turnover of tenants, there is a possibility of downtime of the apartment
• Greater wearout of the apartment

• Profitability is slightly lower than in midterm rentals
• There is a possibility of difficulties of eviction
• More bureaucracy while registering the contract

Many are aware of the problem of self-settlers in Spain. To reduce the risks, we require a number of documents from the tenant before signing the contract in order to confirm his solvency and financial stability: employment contract, payroll, bank statements, sometimes guarantors + security deposit corresponding to a 2 months rental at least.

We estimate the price of your apartment, prepare it for the handover and find a decent tenant.

Barcelona´s real estate market is growing at the moment; the demand is increasing but supply is limited it is the best moment to rent your apartment out.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested on finding a tenant for your apartment.