Anyone who has faced with an apartment renovation, knows how much effort and time it takes to organize and control the work process.

To help our clients with renovation of their properties Kaufmann & Winkel has allied with a small family run construction business that has been working on the market for the last 30 years and has gained a reputation as a reliable partner.

What distinguishes a professional from a bungler?

  • All necessary licenses and permits. Many building in Barcelona are protected by state and not always it is allowed to do with the apartment whatever one wants. We apply for the permits required to carry out all types of works if necessary.
  • Qualified permanent staff. All personnel involved in the works are fulltime employees of the company what ensures the clients and the management from downtime, unqualified work and bad quality.
  • Clear timings. The duration of the project is always as agreed in the contract. In case of unforeseen or extra works to do, additional terms are discussed with the client.
  • Fixed-price contract. We evaluate the total costs of the project taking into consideration the scope of the project, peculiarities of the apartment and the building, materials applied, etc. Once the budget is signed we never reconsider the price unless the customer asks to carry out some extra works.
  • Periodic reporting on progress. Our clients are mainly abroad when the works are carried out. We provide our customers with comprehensive photo and video reports informing them about the progress of renovation.
  • Quality assurance. We understand that a satisfied client is the best promotion channel that is why the works carried out and the materials employed are of the best quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us to order a free evaluation of the refurbishment costs.